Mel Jackson G8EOP QRA loc IO93eq (Dewsbury)

Hi welcome to Dewsbury West Yorkshire my home town. Here is some info on my self.

Born 1943 at Dewsbury moorlands hospital, (15th.November) Hint!!! My first job was with Curry's TV Radio and Cycles shop. Cycle and TV repairs (Good old valves and only one channel). Oh and no remotes by heck. Moved on to be a shop manager for a small TV Radio Shop Kelstar Electronics at Birstall nr. Leeds.

I have had an interest in radio from the age of 11yrs. So this and the driving job later gave me a good chance to play Ham Radio. I have held the radio call sign (G8EOP) and (G8EOP/M) from 1972. You had to have a separate license then.

In 1968 I moved from my job in electronics to HGV driving. On obtaining the radio call sign, I installed a mobile system in the HGV, and transmitted on the 144/146 MHz band AM. I had many call from radio hams on my travels from Dewsbury to the North East G3ZJY, G3LHQ, G3YRH, G8PNN, G8DAZ, G8WWE (now G4TCZ), G8HUA. Many more friends all over the UK. Most of the contacts from base transmitters and a few cars but no other HGV,?? (Unless you know better). This was all on 1.4 watts AM (No repeaters) in them days. Later came SSB with 10 watts. Regular contacts with stations at over 50 miles on 144 MHz. Station to station, i.e. (G3YRH, G3ZWR and G8DAZ) in Newcastle, and Many GM (Scottish stations). From Home I transmitted on 144, 432, 1296 MHz at first on AM (VFO) then on SSB. On 1296 MHz band we had the first East to West Yorkshire QSO. With G3HCW Knottingley. Also The first West Yorkshire to Norway on 1296 MHz. We also transmitted Ham TV to Holland. Then came CB?? In 1982 this was the in thing for HGV's

1989. Out went the driving job!!

The start of E.O.P. Electronics (Dewsbury) (G8EOP) now you know why the name.

First we repaired CB's and ICE. And other electronic equipment , we also design and manufactured electronic control equipment for the Leeds based company A and A. Air Cleaners Ltd.

1990. Moved into Satellite, Installing, fixed and motor systems, Sales and repairs.

1991. We also moved into Alarm systems, Install and repairs

1995. Nigel (Connah's of Dewsbury) set up in Business and we now work on projects for BT. Shorrocks, Hall and Botterill, Severn Trent Water and Paramount Security Group.

1998. At the moment I'm having a rest had a short time in hospital. 14th. Feb. For 7 days High BP and Hypertension. Have got a new engineer working now, so that I can answer the phones and get back to the bench work.

October 1998 we will have our German Exchange Visitors for one week from the 3rd so no time to play on the computer.

October 11th 1998. The visitors are now backing in Germany. Best wishes to Manfred, Fritz, Gerd, Klause, and all our guests this year look forward to our visit next year.

1999 A quiet start to year most of the Local work is by NSH Electrical due to my health problems. February, March, April, May. Lots of site work for Severn Trent in the midlands, Birmingham, down to Glostershire. June and July a new workshop and Garage fitted into back garden.

1999 In October We had a good trip to our host families in Germany and a good time was had by all.

2000 Not a good start to the year. Due to health and low priced Sky systems I now do not do satellite and TV aerial Installs. For the Satellite side we have put a link to SatCure and hope you will find any Info you require from this site.

2000 February. Run down E.O.P.Electronics to part time only. Now working for Paramount Security Group North. On service and installation of security gates and CCTV Systems.

2000 October 7th. Our German visitors are now back in Germany. Best wishes to Manfrend, Fritz, Heinz, Klause, Manuela, Karin, Rosemarie, Dagmar and Elke and all the 25 Boys and Girls this year. The journey back home was not without problems. A late start from Dewsbury at 06.25am. So they miss the 12 noon ferry. The next ferry was not running due to a fault. They then asked for a place on a P and O ferry. The P and O ferry was running 1 hour late. So left Dover at 14.00hr then in France the changeover bus-driver was 1hr late. So at 24.00hr they arrived back at Bergkamen. We now look forward to our visit to Bergkamen in October 2001.

2000 November. Installing a new CCTV system at a site in Tittersworth Staffs.

2001 More work in the midlands Birmingham, then Bradford. Installing CCTV and Access systems.

2001 March work is slow no big jobs just small. Planning trip to Germany for Dewsbury swimming club's exchange visit, Lots of paper work and letter's to post, also working on web site and a book the life of Mel Jackson, to post on web soon lots of old photos and things.

2001 30th June working on web pages for SV Karmen swimming club Germany. From the 2nd July we will be working at Birmingham on a large alarm system.

2002 Lots of work in the midlands on Seven Trent sites. In October 2002. Another visit from our German guests.

2003 January. Good start to year working for Welsh Water and Seven Trent in Mid Wales. On security and CCTV systems.

2004 to 2005. Still working for Paramount security Group from a base in Rugeley Staffs.

October 2005. Its Dewsbury Swimming clubs trip to Germany more later.

2010 Closed down EOP Electronics and retired from working with Paramount security group

2012 Time to catch up on my radio now that i have retired from working. Main bands i work on are VHF-UHF

Member of The Ossett ARO (M0ORO) contest club and as of the 19th August 2015. We are in third place in the RSGB UKAC Tuesday night contest.
Contest station bands are 50MHz, 70MHz, 144MHz, 432MHz, 1296,MHz and 2320MHz (2.3GHz)


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