RSGB UKAC photo shoot Newark 2015

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Just a small group of UKAC competition ops.
In order from Left 1:- Julian G4YHF, 2:- Gerry M0VAA, 3:- Nick M1DDD, 4:- xxx ?, 5 :- Alec G3YOA,
6:- Gordon G8PNN (with paper) 7:- Dave GW4ZAR, 8:- Tony GW8ASD, 9:- John G3SQQ, 10:- Mel G8EOP,
11:- Roger G3OHH, 12:- David G4JLG (behind), 13:- G3SMT Peter,

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In order from Left 1:- Don M0CES, 2:- Nick G4KUX, 3:- Dave M0VDC on Scooter, 4:- Chris G4FZN,
5:- Dick GM4PPT, 6:- Bob G3VCA, 7:- Behind xxxxxx ?, 8:- Jim G0HGH, 9:- Stan M1CJN, 10:- Barry G4KCT,
11:- Sue G8SFI, 12:- Andrew G8BYB, 13:- Peter G3PHO,

You can mail me if you require your name on page.

Thanks to Richard Hodge (Dick) GM4PPT for use of his camera and to friend who took the photo

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In order from Left Bob G3VCA, Mel G8EOP, John G3SQQ,

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Hope to be the top team for SHF UKAC 2016

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Updated 21st. November 2016

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