The Family Ehrhardt.
Manfred, Linda & Angelika.

Fritz Q, With Manfred at party Hoffman

Manfred at the Friday Disco.

Photo from 1998 of Klaus, Gerd, Mayor of Dewsbury and Ron Stead.

Gordon Cage, Mel and Gerd Tipel at the Bar in Zum Stadion, Germany.

Carol Jackson, Mike Parking, Pam Cage at Party by Hoffman

Ron Robinson, Mel and Manfred in Dewsbury.

Sheila, Clarisa, Gordon, Hinze, Pam, Nigel, Jeny (rip), and Bus Driver.
At the Dewsbury Old Rugby Club Crown Flats.

Gunter, Margot & Rudolf.

Robert Our Bus Driver, Klaus Hoffman, and Edna Stead in party mode.

Gunter, Edna, Sheila and Klaus in his Bar in basement

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